Tandemkross Shadow Mount V2.0 for SW22 Victory


Tandemkross is een vrij jong bedrijf welke zich specialiseerd op aftermarket produkten voor diverse merken klein kaliber pistolen.

At a glance:

Mounts sight to the receiver, reducing the overall height

Reversible for custom optic placement in both forward and rear mounting positions
Unique sight mount design allows for use with many different optics

Mount a variety of popular optics and sights to your SW22® Victory™ with the completely redesigned “Shadow” Mount V2.0! The updated “Shadow” Mount design mounts many optics straight to the SW22® receiver so they’re closer to the bore axis – no need for a picatinny rail and clamp.

Whether you’re using a Vortex®, Trijicon®, Burris®, Holosun or another optic, the “Shadow” Mount V2.0 unique screw pattern will mount your sight to your SW22®. The mount is also reversible with most sights, allowing you to mount your sight closer to the front of your gun or closer to the back.

This mount comes with all necessary hardware – including screws, dowel pins, and gaskets. Please use the compatibility chart below to learn more about use with a variety of optics as well as the hardware needed to mount each sight.

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