Tandemkross Cornerstone Safety Thumb Ledge for SW22 Victory


Tandemkross is een vrij jong bedrijf welke zich specialiseerd op aftermarket produkten voor diverse merken klein kaliber pistolen.

At a glance:

*Prevents accidental safety engagement while shooting
*Oversized, 1911-style safety ledge
*Improves hand placement for better grip, control

If you’ve used an SW22® Victory™ in competition or for fun, chances are you’ve accidentally engaged the safety while shooting. The placement of the safety ledge means it’s easy to bump while shooting, especially if you’re using an aftermarket SW22® grip. Luckily, TANDEMKROSS has engineered a solution!

Introducing the “Cornerstone” Safety Thumb Ledge for SW22® Victory™ – the ultimate upgrade for SW22® owners looking to improve their hand placement and grip and put an end to accidental safety engagement!

The oversized, 1911-style safety ledge offers an ideal thumb placement for a secure grip and provides consistent hand positioning and helps to control muzzle flip. Easily ride your thumb on the “Cornerstone” Safety Thumb Ledge and your safety will not turn on while shooting. This is one of the best SW22® accessories for competition shooters. Get your “Cornerstone” today and lay the foundation for a better grip!

Supported Models:

SW22® Victory™
SW22® Victory™ Target
Performance Center™ SW22® Victory™ Target

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