Cajun Gun Works RRK Reach Reduction Kit


Cajun Gun Works’ Reach Reduction Kit moves the at rest position of the trigger rearward an amazing 5.0 mm’s.   The “felt” difference is quite dramatic and completely changes the ergonomics of the trigger.   One of our most popular products with thousands in service.

The CGW floating trigger pin, part number TR-PIN, is not included, but is highly recommended.  Fits both standard/classic lock work manual safety and decocker versions  For all SP-01, 75B-BD, 85C-B, 2075 RAMI B-BD, 97B-BD, P-01, PCR, 40P, 40B, etc.

NOTE:  See Cajun Gun Works part number 75850 Reach Reduction Kit for the Shadow 1 & 2, 85C, and Pre-B 75’s.  Does not fit P-01, 75B, or P-07/09 Omega series.

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