Cajun Gun Works Shadow 2 Upgrade Kit with Reach Reduction 75820


Cajun Gun Works is een klein familiebedrijf in de VS.
Zoals velen in deze branche is dit bedrijf ontstaan uit de hobby en de passie voor de schietsport.
CGW produceert nu diverse after market onderdelen van zeer hoge kwaliteit!

Geschikt voor CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2

Take your Shadow 2 or Shadow 1 from great to OMG! This will transform your S-2, delivering an ice crisp SA of 3 lbs. or less. DA typically runs 6 lbs. or less using our famous HS-12000 (11.5#) hammer spring. The disconnector will require minor fitting so you get the reset to a PERFECT 1 mm, which is not difficult to do with CGW tech support. Turns the CZ lock work into a precision Swiss watch! USPSA Production legal too!

Includes the “Old Style” Trigger
This is a faithful reproduction of the “old style” 85C trigger. The O/S trigger is straighter than all CZ triggers and has a very comfortable contoured finger pad on the trigger face. Made in the USA from Stainless Steel, finished in an attractive matte. Fixes “trigger Bite” the small black re-curve is known for. Includes only the SA over-travel screw. Upper trigger area is drilled and tapped to accommodate the CGW Reach Reduction System.

Easy to install and includes:

* CGW Race Hammer with adjustable sear
* TR-PIN S-7 tool steel floating trigger pin
* RP-TRS music wire reduced power trigger return spring
* 2 x HPIN, super hard and super smooth hammer pins
* HS-12000 (11.5#) & HS-13 (13#) hammer springs
* 1489-T6 super hard disconnector
* EXT-FP S-7 tool steel extended firing pin with matching spring
* S-spacer machined alum sear spacer
* RRK Reach Reduction Kit