STI Trubor .38 Super

3,450.00 2,995.00

The Trubor has been the standard in USPSA Open Division shooting since it’s introduction in 2002. The compensator and barrel are precision machined from a single piece so there are no threads, or alignment issues of the compensator and bore—increasing accuracy and reducing recoil muzzle jump by 45-percent. STI innovated this technology and remains the industry leader and supplier of these compensated barrels. The slide has been lightened by 2-ounces to reduce recoil and increase cycle time.


* 5-Port Competition Proven Compensator
* Steel Frame for Added Weight
* 5-inch Full Length Guide-Rod
* 3.50 lb Trigger Pull
* Stainless Steel Spur Hammer
* 2-ounces Rear Slide Weight Reduction
* Mounted C-More 6MOA Dot Sight
* Ambidextrous Safety
* 1389 gram