STI Lawman 5″ 9X19 mm

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The Lawman’s classic styling is unique to the 1911 platform—what’s inside though is defnitely uniquely all STI. The carbon steel slide is hand ft to the forged steel frame to give the Lawman its legendary STI accuracy and reliability. The TAS rear sight provides adjustment while still maintaining an overall low profle. Available in 3, 4 and 5-inch, the STI Lawman is a great carry or duty weapon.


* 5-Inch Bushing Barrel
* Carbon Steel Slide and Frame
* 30 LPI Front Strap Serrations; Undercut Trigger Guard
* Durable Cerakote™ Finish
* Fixed Front Sight with TAS Rear Sight
* Unique Grip Pattern
* Classic 1911 Slide Serrations

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