STI DVC-S Chroom/DLC 9×19 mm


The STI DVC S 2011 9mm delivers the same superior performance as the DVC O (Open), without the requirement of major power factor ammunition. The DVC S can and will run on off-the-shelf ammo. It is built slightly shorter to enhance quicker target transitions, and make you a better, faster shooter. The Chroom and DLC finish will provide long lasting corrosion resistance and enhanced lubricity. Steel matches will never be the same.

*Tigger- 2.5 lbs w/Ambi Safety Lever
*New Sear and Trigger Mechanism
*Dawson Tool Less Guide Rod
*Finish- Chroom/DLC
*Magazines- 2 (21) 1 (27)
*New Slide Cuts Mean Less Forward Recoil and Enhance Distinctive Look
*Lighter Weight Than Previous Top of the Line STI Comp Model
*BBL- 4.15 inch TX2 Compensated Barrel, DLC Finish
*Reversible Slide Racker
*Sights- Mounted C-More RTS2 8MOA Optic
*GRIP- 2011 DVC Stippled, Black Color
*Dawson Precision Lo-Pro Mag Release Button

Will be delivered with the DVC stippeled grip, instead off the grip shown on the picture.